Broken Telephone

A kids clothing line focused on classic, cool, awesome clothes.

Founder and  Creative Director Lara Vincent launched the line in 2022. Casual staples are elevated with whimsical prints, tactile qualities and charming details. Her designs let young imaginations run wild, with maximum comfort for everyday adventures. Broken Telephone is focused on garments crafted with care, ensuring that they will be enjoyed for years to come.

Every piece in the Broken Telephone collection is produced in the heart of New York City. We believe in the slow fashion movement and upholds the principles of fair wage work, while supporting local garment production. Our small scale garment manufacturing has a significantly lower environmental impact compared to the hyper-globalized, mass-produced clothing of today. By prioritizing sustainability, we aim to contribute to a more eco-conscious and responsible fashion industry.

Vintage Shop

Well made clothing deserves multiple lives. The Vintage Shop is a curated collection of the most unique children's clothes. Pieces with attention to craft and detail that beg a second life. The collection continuously growing and the shop will be restocked regularly

Vintage sizing can sometimes be confusing, we size the pieces based on measurements and tags, so please check measurements before purchasing!

Pieces have been preloved, they might have repairs and small stains as part of their history. If you have questions about a garment’s condition, email us at info@brokentelephone.co


Carefully selected for their whimsical stories, these books are enjoyed by children and parents.


The small Ambrosius Eco Flower Fairies are handmade in Romania from renewable materials like wool and wood. The project offers women work-at-home opportunities for mothers with young children, retired persons and persons with disabilities. Ambrosius donates a portion of every sale to a local Waldorf school in Romania and also to support education in some of the poorer villages of Transylvania.


Carefully selected feel good products, potions and tools to soothe, comfort and ground the whole family's senses. They bring us and our babies back into alignment with the earth energy. Plant your feet and you will grow.